Saturday 28 April 2012

                                                     Custom Homes.
                                 "Beautiful Old World Exteriors and Interiors"'

                           What are they?. Where are they? How do I get one?

These questions:
What has become of truly Custom Homes where the client decides what they want? You have a vision in your mind, maybe a memory from the past. It could be a photograph from a European journey showing a beautiful classic room interior. Perhaps an exterior that caught your attention,stopped you in your tracks. You photographed it and said "One day I will have one like this." "I will purchase property and have it built similar but different enough to reflect who I am" Then it sat in the corner of your mind or wish folder.

How do I design the rest of the house to encompass that room? That is a beautiful "Old World" ornate exterior but how do I integrate my "New World" needs into an equally ornate interior?

The Answers:
They are simply a click away. Send that photograph or description of your vision to my email.  Then by connecting you to the Designer who can do the layout and assist you in setting areas in their place. You look and "tweak" until it is what you want. The Designer will connect with the Architect and the rest of the team.

Whether in U.S.A. or Canada if you have the property and the vision. We have the know how to make your dream a reality.

Getting that European Style Designed Home is yours to have. Built your way to be as individual as you are.

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