Friday 27 April 2012

My thanks to Vince Versace, Editor at Daily Commercial News and Construction Record.   and Don Procter, Correspondent.
They published an article yesterday April 26th about my artistic style of painting plaster moulding.
The title was: Ceilings a canvas for lost art of decorative painting.
 It contained a photo of ceiling beams and moulding enhanced to show the different levels.

 It is a pity that so much moulding is installed and the potential for the enhancement is overlooked. I wonder is this a lack of understanding of what can be done or are people playing safe? There is a feeling around constructing and finishing buildings with a mind to sell it in the future. Therefore it is decorated to appeal to a broad audience and make it easier to sell. I feel people should build and decorate for themselves and step out from the rest. Make the space yours and decorate to reflect you. This is what we see in the estate homes etc on tours. People built them to reflect who they were and not to be safe and wonder who else would like what they did.
So who are you? What resonates with your soul? What makes you feel "at home"? Dream it, design it and put the team together to make it a reality.

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